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Minerva Sachs GTR 150

Minerva Sachs GTR 150

Motorcycle market share of Indonesia are very large making businesses want to enter this arena. One of them is Minerva Sachs, assembled and marketed by PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI).

Last year, the company has marketed Minerva Sachs Mad Ass Sachs 125 and 250. Friday (19 / 6) night, MMI add another product, namely GTR150 Minerva Sachs. This new product like a duck or a bird's eye view Underbone sports. However, MMI claim it as automatic scooter (skutik) sport.

"GTR150 is a breakthrough, the first automatic sports scooter made Minerva Sachs. Also the first in Indonesia, "claims Kristianto Gunadi, President of MMI, both in speech, nor release given to reporters.
Duck Sport. Of posture, Minerva Sachs is different from his scooter available today. There is no empty space in front of the rider or lower deck for rider's legs. In addition, the bottom is also equipped with side shields. The framework of the pipe is left naked, plus a fuel tank in it.

Driving style with duck or a sport bike. Because the rider's leg side and using leg braces.

Another difference is the fuel tank capacity which can store 8.7 liters. Compare with skutik current, which can be filled only 3.5 liters of gasoline.

Others, when the scooter using a smaller diameter wheels, Minerva has the same size with the duck, which is 17 (front) and 16 (rear). The size of the tires as well, namely in front 17-110/70 and 16-100/70 behind.

The back, the sports-style sepatbor, model "nungging". So is the seat. However, to lift, certainly less comfortable because of the higher position of the rider in front of her.

With a combination of these components, the figure of Minerva Sachs really solid, big, and look more sporty and dynamic. Scooter instead lost identity. The price offered is not much different than sports ducks Japan, USD 17.6 million (on the road) for Jakarta and its surroundings.

With a product like this show, Minerva special segment, especially young children who liked to step on the gas, but do not want to bother mutually teeth. "We do not want to play in the same segments with existing products, especially Japan. We offer something different, "said the official source of Minerva of the targeted consumer segments for these 150 GTR.
CVT. If any part that can be equated with skutik, only the transmission system. For this, it uses 150 GTR CVT (continuously variable transmission) that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Water-cooled engine, 152 cc capacity was slightly forward, parallel to the side Footstep.

An automotive journalist who had tried and looked in the factory, in Celeungsi, Jonggol, telling, enough engine power. However, the low round a bit lame. Meanwhile, the data given to journalists were incomplete, not included in total weight.

"This new soft-launch. September later officially launched the new, "official sources said Minerva. However, the launch made a week after running the Jakarta Fair is set sales targets.

"Target, 1000 units per month or 12,000 a year. Special for Pekan Raya Jakarta, we are sure to sell 500 units, "said Kristianto Goenadi on the release. With this new product, MMI can sell 84,000 units in Indonesia wheeled vehicles or up to 16 percent.

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